viernes, agosto 08, 2008

Japanese cybernetic suit HAL

I think I already talk about this, but today's news is that the you can get the suit now (starting on 10.10.2008).

The above photograph is from last year's prototype. A new prototype will be release next year prior mass production.

The "suit" coming to the stores is this one:

So, yes, only half of a suit: the legs.
There are two versions:
One legs : around 1000 euros/month == 1500 dollars/month
Both legs: around 1500 euros/month == 2200 dollars/month

The potential users of these suits are people unable to move by themselves or nearly that status. The sensors (above the skin) can read neural signal as low as 100 times weaker than from a healthy adult (the suit has been successfully used by a man that because a spinal cord problem can not walk, needing a wheel chair).

The company will not rent the suit to persons that has no medical reasons for using it. No showing of , no military uses.

I think this is really good news, although the production (500/year) is far too low (I hope interest and investment will make it go higher fast)
On the other hand it is very possible than any company or organization will copy the idea and technology for military uses. Sadly.

The rent may be expensive but as someone already pointed out in Denmark is already more expensive to for the government to have a person there helping someone that can not move from a bed or walk on their own.

The battery last around 1 hour, recharging it needs also one hour. The suit is not the universal solution to the problems but it is a good step ahead.

The guy on the left is the entrepreneur that gave the money. In the left side, the guy that made the prototypes and the design: 坂本 光広

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